About Tamara

I'm a writer at heart.  I've been writing bits and pieces of stories for years.       

There are so many ideas in my head and sometimes I just have to write that idea down and hope that when I go back to retrieve my notes, another story will blossom.   When I'm not writing I enjoy being mom to my children, Cliff and Courtney, my daughter-in-law Liia Richmond, and now grandma to Miss Eloise.  I'm also mom to six dogs, and two cats that my husband and I rescued over the years.   I'm a two-time breast cancer survivor and as I write this, I'm just starting my second-year cancer free mark for the second time. It's been quite the journey. 

     I'm very excited to have you, my readers, as a part of my life now.  I hope that you enjoy the places I take you with my stories.  I look forward to hearing from you and I hope that if you like my writing, that you'll tell your friends and families and share both my books and my site with them.  Thanks for stopping by!