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Let's Get Busy - For OUR America

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

On January 20th I didn’t watch the sham inauguration. I couldn’t. And that night, just like 80 million other Trump supporters, I was pretty depressed, and emotionally drained. We’d just spent the last 4 years fighting every single day alongside a real President. We researched, we learned, we fought against the fake media, the corrupt elected officials, our families, and our friends. Some of us were beaten and murdered. But we fought on and did our best to let President Trump know we loved him and stood behind him. Every day we fought an uphill battle and then to have to watch him walk away from the White House when we knew, without a doubt that the election was fraudulent, was bad enough, but to even think about watching a sham administration be sworn in, was too much.

And then a few nights later Donald Trump Jr. posted on Telegram the following message:

“Big announcement stay tuned!”

You can imagine that in the second that people read those words, their minds immediately went to their deepest desire – the announcement was going to be that President Trump was returning, the bad guys were going down to Gitmo, (and ohhhhh they so deserve to, and need to be going there). But that wasn’t the announcement that came out. I don’t think Don Jr. thought about the reaction his words would inspire. I think he was just excited about something he was doing. But that post, and the emotions that came out of that moment, helped me fill in what was missing in this blog post.

I know that based on the Q drops, were supposed to be enjoying the show – right? (Yes – I’m a Q follower. If that bothers you . . . why?) At any rate, we’re supposed to be enjoying the show. The thing is, though, because we’re awake AND because we have a conscience, we’re all sitting around on pins and needles, unable to enjoy the “show”. We’re unable because we know there are still children out there being kidnapped, tortured, sacrificed, and killed. We know there are people losing their livelihood, and their lives. People are out there committing suicide because they find no hope in their situation.

We’re awake, and we cannot go back to sleep. We can’t move backwards and for the moment we feel we can’t go forward. It’s knowing the truth, and once you know the truth, and SEE it, you can’t go backwards. You can’t unknow it.

It’s that I know, now, that none of the past elections, for decades have been real. Except for maybe Regan and for sure the 2016 election. Oh the 2016 election was definitely rigged but they hadn’t planned for Trump actually winning as many votes as he did. That’s why they’ve been so mad for the past 4 years. They hadn’t planned well enough for Trump’s unexpected win. It’s that knowledge and the fact that they were allowed to get away with it that I can’t un-know.

It’s having watched a decent man be treated like he was worse than the sludge you’d find at a waste plant - listening to people in the media, and in our Congress, spew their hatred at him and talk about him as if he were the worst of mankind, when if they’d just look in the mirror or listen to themselves, they’d see the exact ugliness they accused him of. It’s hearing people call him evil when he couldn’t be further from that, while the people they support are actually torturing and trafficking children, and bringing in drugs to destroy children’s lives, and the lives of their families. That’s evil.

It’s knowing that they, those in the White House now, were willing to separate families during a time when families needed each other the most, burn down our cities, destroy our businesses and commit murder all because their hatred of one man.

It’s watching Americans dutifully put on a face mask and give up their freedoms without putting up any semblance of a fight.

It’s knowing that I have friends and family that were too filled with hate to take a minute and ask the questions they needed to ask. Questions like:

Why IS the media so negative against this President when they’ve never been that way before – ever?

Or why DOES Nancy Pelosi and crew want President Trump out so badly that they do nothing, NOTHING, for the people for four years except spend all their time finding ways to fight Trump?

Or the biggest question they should have asked – WAS there cheating in the election? They didn’t want to know the truth because if there was cheating, and if President Trump won by the landslide that he actually DID win by, they’d have to question themselves on the fact that they might be wrong about a lot of things. But those so called intellectual, self-acclaimed smart people couldn’t be bothered to find out if they might be wrong.

This depression and shock that we’ve been in after seeing President Trump leave the White House – this is what the left wants to see from us. They want to see us defeated. They want us to know that we better never try this again, and we better think the way they want us to think, because they’re back in control now and they don’t plan on ever letting go again.

I say NO! I say no to their calls for unity because they can’t be serious – right? They have called us names for the last 5 years, they’ve shown their contempt for us openly, and they have threatened us over and over again. It’s being abused and then having the abuser say “now come give me a hug and a kiss – it’s all over now” and expecting us to do just that . . . kiss and make up.

I say NO.

What we can do, though, is move forward, and we need to. Let's get busy for our beloved America. It’s time for us to show President Trump that we’re there for him. Oh, I know we showed him love at the rallies and by our votes. But he needs to know that his efforts on our behalf, were not in vain.

So, let’s move forward. Let’s find ways to create new companies that are conservative based, and Christ centered. We need to replace Amazon, Twitter, FB, Verizon, AT & T, Sprint, General Electric, Gillette, Walmart, and ANY other company that has been not only shoving their leftist views down our throats but censoring us and shaming us in those same efforts to brainwash us. WE need to replace the companies that gladly took our money and gave it to the evil that now resides in the White House. We need to stop watching the shows and movies that traitorous celebrities are in. We need to start new motion picture studios and support those that are conservative or God centered like Pureflix.

We CAN come up with new ideas – WE ARE the people with the money, the moral ethic to actually work, and we know life isn’t easy, so we’re not going to give up when our first efforts don’t go the way we necessarily want them too. We need to stop buying from the above-mentioned companies, (and others I failed to mention). We need to ignore the mainstream media and don’t click on their stories. They’re still lying to us. We need to do exactly what the National Guard guys did and turn our backs on this administration, the Mainstream Media, and the companies that support them.

Even if this is it, and nothing else good happens, the one good thing that I’ll hold onto is that President Trump brought the enormity of the corruption of our government into the light so that we could see it. Really see it. That man put up with four years of hatred, and pure evil thrown at him from every direction – except from us. Be thankful that you are awake and can see the perversion that tried so hard to stay in the shadows because Donald Trump opened our eyes to the truth of the evil that has insidiously taken control in this beautiful Country. Things that make me weep. Things that make God weep.

I didn’t put my faith in President Trump because I thought he was God. I put my faith in President Trump because I believe in Jesus Christ and I believe that God has his hand on Donald J. Trump, and that God is moving in this country. HE is using President Trump to wake us up. HE is giving us another chance to turn back to HIM.

If my people, who are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14

God uses flawed people to reach us. He always has. And even if it was God’s will that Biden got in through cheating for whatever reasons God has – God is moving in this Country. HE used President Trump to reach people not just in America, but around the world to pray for America – the one and only shining beacon of freedom that remains in this world. Because of those prayers, I believe that God has heard and that there is a reckoning coming for Biden, and the rest of the deep state cabal. But even if there isn’t…even if it’s God’s will that America fall, I still see God’s hand in the Trump Presidency and I still trust God’s will for the good of all.

Let’s connect with those that we trust and reach out to each other for ideas on how to beat what the left has in mind for us. And let’s keep God in our daily move forward. We need to pray for each other, for this Country, and like it or not we need to pray for those that we find it the hardest to consider praying for.

God doesn’t make mistakes. He didn’t make a mistake when he created you, or me, or even any of the evil doers that are in the White House right now. They made a choice, somewhere along the way to align themselves with evil. We don’t know their hearts, even though we may think we do.

But God does.

Jesus took upon himself the torture spewed hatred that Satan inspired the Romans to instill on Him during his trials and eventual crucifixion . . . HE did it to save our souls. God opened my eyes to HIS soul-saving grace and mercy years ago, to which I am eternally grateful for. I trust that God has this under control according to HIS Will and that’s good enough for me. I may not understand what’s happening right now, or know how it’s going to end . . .

But God does.

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Tamara, You said everything that we all want to say about the media, the corruption and the stolen election. I still have so much anger that the Republicans let them steal our election. Your words of inspiration will help me and others to forgive. Thank you, this was an excellent read. ❤️



Thank you for this, Tamara. My heart ached as I read your words. I'm still in shock with what has happened in our country. I truly thought right would triumph, the election fraud would be revealed, and President Trump would be the one inaugurated. I actually spent several hours in my bed, crying afterwards. I felt lost and hopeless. Then, through some good people online, I began to feel hope. It IS hard to "relax and watch the movie". I want the resolution NOW, but my timing isn't God's timing. I believe good will prevail, that there IS a plan, and it is working itself through in a way that is best for our country. People are NOT happy with…

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